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When the Earth giggles

Divadlo Romathan, Továrenská 3, 040 01 Košice



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Jaroslava Sisáková

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Jaroslava Sisáková

Marian Balog


Dear viewers,
we invite you to the 89th premiere of the Romathan Theater, the eco-fairy tale When the Earth Squirts. The premiere will take place on May 4, 2023 in our theater premises at Továrenská 3 in Košice.

The fairy tale When the Earth Shouts is the story of a small town district in which a symbolic struggle to save life on our planet will take place. Filth and Disorder settle in this neighborhood and want to grow to such a size that they occupy the entire land so that it is no longer habitable. They encourage residents to live a frugal life - throwing away trash and not caring about what happens next. They are also helped by the hatred that the inhabitants have towards each other. Two hostile families live in one apartment building. Their children belong to rival gangs. Nevertheless, they are secret best friends. Children's gangs wage war with each other via battle. One of the gangs loves nature, children go to play in the meadow behind the apartment building, pick up garbage. The story proves how it is better to be a friend to a person than an enemy. How important it is to listen to the wise advice of the elders, that many things we take for granted, we must protect. That the most important element in people's lives is love not only for others but also for nature.

In the period of the child's preschool age, in the process of purposeful pedagogical influence on children, it is especially necessary nowadays to form the beginnings of ecological habits. Consciously create the right attitude towards phenomena, objects of animate and inanimate nature that make up their immediate environment in this period of life. The goal of creating and presenting a theatrical play-fairy tale is to point out the importance of environmental protection. Our intention is to bring to the preschool child a sensitive perception of the beauty of nature, its charm and uniqueness, to teach him to evaluate the natural environment, to show a relationship and protective attitudes towards the natural environment and to portray them through various artistic means of expression, to practically apply the habits of caring for nature.