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Although there is still an unflattering situation not only in our country, but also in the world, we hope that you are all healthy and in order. 

In recent weeks, we work from the comfort of home, in other words, we are at home office.

During online trials, "faux-pas" occasionally occurs, especially if the Internet connection fails. Well, even such things happen ...

In any case, we have come to the conclusion that nothing can match physical contact and that live tests are much more effective,

 but we are also grateful that we can at least do so in the online space. '


We would like to follow up on one of the questions of the survey, which we published a few days ago on our IG profile. 

The question was, would you like to know more about our artists? And since many respondents responded to the answer "YES" sme, 

we have decided to fulfill your wish! ❤️❤️


????One day = One artist ????


We start tomorrow!   ????????????