The new theater season 22/23



The new DR theater season will officially start on August 24, when the artistic ensemble will meet for the first time after the holidays.During the last week of August, we plan to complete the dusting and recasting of fairy tales.

26.8. we are waiting for the first performance of the season. The performance will take place in the premises of the DR, i.e. on Továrenská ul. 3 in Košice for children from the Leisure Center (Sobránce).

In parallel, the trial period of the production of the fairy tale entitled The Snow Queen will take place. The story comes from the workshop of the extraordinary Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. The dramatization and translation of this world classic creates an opportunity for the development of a codified Romani language. It also fulfills an educational mission. The premiere of the production is planned for the 12th month of the year, i.e. December.

17.9. we will introduce ourselves as we do every year at the festival called Evening of Roma Culture in Myjava.

We thank you for your patronage in the current season, which is just ending, and we look forward to new meetings with you!During its entire existence, our theater has always valued, values ​​and will continue to value each of its spectators. ????  ????
See you soon! ☺️