Relocation of the DR from September 2021





A miracle has happened, which we are happy to announce to you, dear spectators: since September 2, 2021, we have been living, rehearsing and playing at a new good address - Továrenská street number three.


Thirty years of theater - it must be added that we were especially successful and creative - we spent with you, our spectators, in the theater on Štefánikova street number 4.


Boxes, filing cabinets, duct tape, paper rustles and occasional nostalgic views. This is how it looked here in our country today, at the Romathan Theater.


Despite the fact that we are very much looking forward to the new spaces, the old ones will remain in our memory in the form of a pleasant memory, where we met as colleagues and created, tried and tested new games and ideas.


We would very much like the human and creative closeness between the theater and those for whom the theater exists to be as close as possible in the theater on Továrenská 3 - and everywhere in general.


With this old-new idea, but also hope and pleasant expectations, we want to welcome you in our new theater space on Továrenská Street No. 3 in Košice. ????