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The Magical Journey of the Romathan Theater

Gallery - Dominikánske námestie 8, 040 01 Košice



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The history of the theater began on December 20, 1992 with the release of the first premiere of "Than perdal o Roma" - A Place for the Roma. It was a musical-dramatic fresco from the history and present of the Roma, which was directed by director Ján Šilan together with Daniela Šilanová.

???? The establishment of the Roma professional theater was motivated by the effort to equalize the conditions for the dissemination, development and strengthening of the culture of national minorities living in Slovakia. In the sphere of Roma culture, we have been given a much broader mission. And not only to spread culture, but also to discover and consolidate it in word, word of mouth and language.

???? We commemorate the 30th anniversary of the theater in the faith of difficult days (pandemic, war in the UA). However, it is not true that only in good times are the best works created. Vice versa. Sometimes distress is a source of great emotion. But even in difficult times, it is important to turn on the lights, not to curse the darkness. And our Romathan Theater has been doing this successfully for 30 years.
And the future of theater? It is not only in the stars, but also in the vision of modern theater, which understands tradition. The heart of our theater is a love of art and values. And we believe that this heart will beat for many years to come!

???? Soon, ie on June 16 at 6 pm in the Gallery Cultural Center on Dominikánské námestie 8 in Košice, you will be able to remember and at the same time enjoy the best of our 30-year varied theatrical work through the upcoming gala evening…

We are looking forward!